Sunday, January 18, 2015

I Want To Be Like Her/Him - Ideas for Goal Setting

Years ago, during a difficult time in my life, I received great advice: "When you walk into the room, scan the room.  When you see someone who reflects your future self or at least that one you want be, hang out with that person.  Odds are he or she has gone through similar things in life and can help guide you onto and within your own path."  That advice has helped get me through some sad times.

Later, I realized it was more than just great advice for a difficult time.  I began to use it as a guide for any situation that was new or challenging.  I would scan the room to determine who seemed to have the confidence and the knowledge and I would sit right by them.  In the office, at meetings, it could be the speaker, the leader of the meeting, or simply putting myself in the front row so I can focus on the presentation.  

In social situations, it is often the person who is talking about a subject that interests me.  This "scan of the room" may take a little longer, but it is worth it.  Sometimes, I find myself with the person who is smiling the most.  This always works because I am often curious as to why others are happy or interested in their reasons for celebrating, who doesn't want to share in good news.

Truthfully, it comes down to this.  I don't want to waste time or the time of others.  Through my practice of meditation, I am mindful of using my time in the most productive and fulfilling way.  I want my experiences to have purpose and intent.  Over the years, as I have gained more confidence in myself and this practice is easy. Now, I often know who I want to sit with before I even walk into either a meeting or a social situation.

This practice is similar to setting goals before every encounter.  Many people have different expressions for this - visualize, imagine yourself, set an agenda, goal setting, and create a plan.  It has helped provide me with a meaningful path in all areas of my life.  In my office, I use the word "clarity" as the focus point for many our discussions.  I've asked my staff to create for themselves a monthly intention.  With practice, this will allow everyone to come to the table with his or her thoughtful ideas to give themselves awareness of their own work ethic and what goals they actually want to accomplish.  I ask them to write 5-6 sentences about their Intention for the month.  One the same piece of paper, I ask them to use the 2nd half of the sheet as a place to write their own Reflections about past month.  During the last staff meeting of the month, we share our refections of the month and prepare for next month where will we repeat the process.

So far, it is proving effective - at least for me!  It helps me understand what goals I want to prioritize and it gives me the opportunity to be honest about what I could accomplish.

Good luck with accomplishing your goals!