Sunday, October 21, 2012

Women in Business – High heels or Flats?

Due to a recent back injury, I have had to wear flats for the last few weeks.  As fashion plays a role in all areas of our society, I worried how to present myself as an executive without my high heels.  I admit that I used to love wearing high heels.  I liked feeling a little taller; I stood taller, walked with confidence and carried an air of authority.
I started noticing how women dress to create the “professional look.”   Some wear dresses, some wear suits  and in the society’s ever changing style culture, the spectrum is wide of what is suitable attire for work includes leggings and boots, skirts with Tory Birch shoes or slacks with fine knitted sweaters.  All can look presentable, but which one gives you the most confidence?
I put my new flats on with a mixture of emotions - relief, comfort, frustration and anger.  How would it effect my presentation?  What does it say about me?  All fashion magazine photos show women in business with power suits and power colors and absolutely, power heels.   As I began to change my wardrobe to accommodate my new flat shoes, which are also very cute and stylish, my back immediately felt better.  I was amazed at how quickly my body healed from simply changing my shoes.
More importantly, I gained a new confidence.  With the pain removed, walking comfortably gave me a renewed confidence and new energy to create and produce.   I feel like myself, a truer and more comfortable version that inspires me.   In this renewed state of confidence, I do have power, in fact, I have always had it.  Now I see it clearly and am sure that with this power, I am more productive, efficient with my time and even more relaxed.   I am not suggesting you throw out your high heels, only that you choose clothes and shoes that inspire you to be your best self. 
Now, if only Michael Kors would make me a pair of shoes that felt like Converse!

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