Monday, December 21, 2009

2010 Resolutions

I have not written New Year's resolutions in a long time and decided this year to put something in writing. After all, I have a blog now, I want to use it.

1. Rebuild my boundaries - In the past two years, some of my boundaries have blurred and I will work on reinforcing those boundaries.

2. Spend time with nice people - I know some really nice people, have rekindled some old friendships and have met some new friends. This sounds easy, but sometimes we (and I mean I) get manipulated, distracted, and directed by others and then I find myself not doing what I want or being with whom I want (see #1). I want to make time for people who are nice to me; I will give them some priority in my life. In the recent past, my measurement of quality people was "Are you in the camp that makes my life easier or in the camp that makes my life harder?" That has really worked for me; However in 2010, I will just edit the question to the following, "Are you nice to me or not nice to me?

3. Outdoor living - This is a biggie in terms of editing my lifestyle, but I am going to give it a try. Simply put, I want to spend more time outdoors. In my single days, I was outside so much more, running, walking, hiking or rollerblading. Just the memories of enjoying the fresh air is enough to add this to the list and that great feeling after a hike in the mountains or a walk on the city streets, I want that back. I think this is non-negotiable and my family will just have to come with me.

4. Obviously, more writing!

5. Find a new gift giving practice for our family - Seriously, I am traumatized by this past Hanukkah experience and need to find a different way to celebrate than just presents.

6. Do more and do less - Here is the thing about resolutions and wanting to do more in one's life: I have to be willing to do less of some things. I already find myself short on time, so adding things to do will only make me crazy and then next year, I will write about accomplishing nothing. So, what can I do less - I can watch less television; You are thinking this is so obvious, but I love television and if I have one minute, I will turn it on. Next, I can sit at the computer less. Believe it or not, I drafted this blog with pen and paper before I typed it (gasp, what is a pen and paper?). I am still an old-fashioned girl that way. Finally, I can live at a whim less. During the week, my life is planned by work, my meetings, lunch dates, conference calls - all planned. On the weekends, I wake up and decide what to do; This year, I want to make plans on the weekends with nice people and spend the time outdoors (see how I just did that, I combined #3 with #6!). If I plan, it is more likely to happen.

Happy New Year everyone and by way, I am not waiting until Jan. 1st; I am starting now! And my New Year's wish for you - may you do what you want, the way you want, without hurting yourself or others!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is Dec 6 and my dad would have been 82 today. Instead he has been gone since Nov 1 and my mom and I went to visit him at the cemetary today. This was the first time that we did this and for the week leading up to it I thought about it everyday with great anxiety and sadness. Once we arrived and wished my dad a happy birthday, I found myself quite at peace with just being there. He is in a beautiful spot and I found a tremendous comfort in knowing that I can come anytime I want to talk to him.

What I thought about most today was my dad's capacity for life and love. He was always on the move, looking for the next thing to do. He wanted to know what everyone else was doing, how they were doing and why there were doing it. My dad loved to talk to my brother and I and even our friends about their professions. My dad retired way too early and his interest in what we did during our work day was relentless. He was so proud of my brother and me and it will be something I hold onto for a long time.

My dad was always a powerful, big, energetic and lovable man. It is a huge void that he is gone and today, I miss him very much. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Friday, December 4, 2009

My trip to Israel

It is hard to believe that I was in Israel less than a month ago. The link is the blog that I wrote for The Jewish Federation's website, posted today.

I'm thrilled to have my own blog and will be writing about all different things. I'm grateful to Jordan for setting me up.

Here we go...