Sunday, March 11, 2012

Put Forth Good Energy

This past week, I have been thinking a lot about energy vs personality. In several experiences last week, I was drawn to everyone’s unique energy rather than their personality. To me, personality is who I am and energy is how I share it. In my exploration of who I am and who I can be, I first thought about my personality and how I use it to make an impact. But something didn’t feel right.

It occurred to me that I was really looking at everyone’s energy. One’s personality is unique to them, but their energy has the ability to change constantly. You might have the greatest personality, but if you are having a bad day people can feel that.

Next time you are in a meeting or with a group of people, consider the energy that you and others bring into the room. Can you bring in energy that nurtures and heals? Do others do the same? When you or others bring in negative energy, can you notice it and make the switch?

Meditation has helped me focus my energy not only during meditation, but in many other situations. I now notice subtle behaviors that go unnoticed by others in the group. Years ago, during a difficult time, in order to heal, I needed to create an emotional bullet proof vest. Looking back, what that did for me was to teach me to stop reacting to others and allow me to learn to act with integrity and in truth.

For many, including me, the truth can sometimes be painful, sad, hurtful, and ugly. It can also be beautiful, healing, glorious, and joyful. To live in truth is freedom, participation, clarity and hard work.

On Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday today with Gary Zukav, she said, “When my personality comes to fully align with the energy of my soul and I allow my soul to be the guide that is when I am most powerful.” Right on! Let’s all become our most powerful selves and put forth the positive energy this world needs.

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