Monday, April 30, 2012

Imagine you are a Waterfall

What if I asked you to imagine yourself as a waterfall instead of a droplet? Would you understand the impact that you have on a lot of people rather than just one? Over the past few days, I have had overwhelming waves of emotion as I connect to others. I have been grateful, surprised, and joyful all because of different experiences with others. Here are the connections that I made with friends and strangers this week.

At the gas station this week, one could only pay with cash. In our automated society, we have become dependent on our debit card. As I walked up to the register to pay, signs all over told us that “credit card machines were down, cash only.” A man in his 30’s was in front of me buying a cup of coffee for $1.59. Once he realizes that he can only pay cash, he opens his wallet to find only one dollar. I realized that the cashier was not in a generous mood. Suddenly, I heard myself say, “I’ll give you the $.59. The cashier just stared and held out her hand. The guy turned to say, “Thank you.” I gave the cashier the money and the guy left. I was grateful to be in that place at that time. I smiled inside the rest of the afternoon.

Recently, by email, someone introduced me to another colleague. The words that my friend used to describe me were new to me and I was surprised with my own response to reading the email. I received compliments before, but this was so specific and unique (in a good way). I was incredibly flattered. I often say that unless you tell someone, they don’t know the impact they have on you. Last year, in my daughter’s fourth grade class, the birthday experience is a lesson in accepting compliments. The birthday student sits upfront while his/her classmates offer compliments. As a parent, it was a proud moment to hear such wonderful statements made about your child. As a woman, I understood the importance of learning how to listen to kind words. In society, we are bombarded by negative messages and criticism and we often push aside the positive remarks. Nine people can say something positive, but then the tenth is unkind and that sticks with us.

Back in January, I signed up for two classes – meditation and tennis. The groups are both small and I am learning so much from the participants. Both classes bring me great joy. By just focusing on the learning, the gifts of friendship have come with great joy. We support each other, challenge each other and strive to do something new each week.

Like a waterfall, our energy, passion, love, anger, frustration and criticism flows onto to others. How we manifest our emotions do not just impact our lives, it affects everyone we touch. This week, do something nice for a stranger, give someone a very specific compliment and think about people who make a positive impact on you. Wishing you all a great week.

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