Sunday, April 1, 2012

Plant Seeds….Flowers Bloom

How do you see your own growth? How to you measure inner strength? Three months ago I began meditating and discussing Torah text. I began this practice because I had one experience that was so powerful and cleansing I knew it would be beneficial to integrate meditation into my life. At the same time, I started taking tennis lessons and writing my blog. I’m not sure if the combination of all three has led me to this peacefulness I feel or if I should credit just one. But what I do know is that today I witnessed my growth.

Today, in our teacher’s absence my friend and I led our meditation class. When first asked, I thought that I could not teach; I was ill equipped. With support, encouragement and partnership of my friend, we decided to share the responsibility. She took the role of meditation guide and I led the discussion following. Like a child marking their height on a wall, we both saw this as a significant moment in our spiritual growth. Born from learning and commitment, my friend and I focused on bringing the best of our experiences to share with our class. And in our first experience as leaders, we trusted to class to be open to our teaching and they did not let us down.

I’m not a Rabbi nor do I have a Ph.D.; I am a student looking to learn and share ideas with others. Three months of working hard and enjoying these new rituals have truly enriched my life. As I continue to learn and grow, I will pay attention to incredible moments that symbolize growth.

I’m excited for what the next 3 months will bring and I'll watch the flowers bloom.

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