Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Meditation for Chanukah

In celebration of Chanukah, I wish you all eight nights of joy, laughter, deep connection, and hope you are surrounded by many loved ones.  I know that holidays can be stressful and can cause anxiety.  This Chanukah, I offer these opportunities to meditate in order of elevate your experience.

5 minute mediation – Find a quiet spot.  As you breathe in – think happiness.  As you breathe out, think sadness.  Repeat these.  If other words help your breathing, you can use them.    Strength/Weakness, Love/Hate, Compassion/Indifference. 

10 minute meditation – Find a quiet spot.  Begin breathing and visualize a safe and comforting place.   Breathe slowly.  Begin an exercise of blessing yourself with thoughts of kindness, strength, compassion and peace.  Then bless others with thoughts of kindness, strength, strength, compassion and peace.

30 minute – Find a quiet spot.  Select a piece of music that is peaceful and calming.  Breathe deeply and slowly.  Envision a beautiful spot for you to focus.  Imagine a flickering candle.  Let its imaginary flame light you up inside and warm your soul.  Allow your body to relax and check in with your body for any aches and pains.  Don’t ignore them, embrace them and own them.  As your mind wanders, return to the flame or your beautiful spot.

Meditation stops my world fom going crazy for a few minutes.  You may find your meditation in different ways – a walk, a run, reading, or playing tennis.   Choose something you enjoy that forces you to focus on it so that you have a few moments to get back to yourself. 



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