Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Day, New Year...

49 days until I turn 50.  I am excited.  This is what I love about January 1st - the day is full of hope for all that can happen in this new year.  I had written an earlier post with my 2013 resolutions.  Now that I am on this side of 2013, I have an updated list of things I want to do this year.  And as I mentioned in my previous post, these too all have a purpose for me. 
  1. Visit the California Science Center to see the Endeavour Space Shuttle.
  2. See more movies - not ones I rent (those are good too), but I want to go out to a movie theater more often.  It is still one of my favorite experiences.
  3. Take more cooking classes with Elana Horwich - www.mealandaspiel.com
  4. Learn from great teachers, guides, and friends.
  5. Watch more old movies, those made before I was born. 
  6. In my travels this coming year, I will be visiting new places and some that I have been before.  Before I arrive at each destination, I want to plan the must see sites and allow some time to see how locals live. 
  7. Be compassionate - I am not always good at this.  Like strengthening a muscle, I need to work on this to help lessen my frustration and disappointment in myself.
  8. Teach my kids about all kinds of classic books and music.  My husband, Perry, does an excellent job sharing his love of music with our kids.  I want to participate in this more.
  9. Bring the incredible world of science more into our lives. 
  10. Visit a zoo.
  11. Take a road trip.
  12. Visit art museums.
  13. When there is an opportunity to share joy, celebrate with friends and family.
  14. Stop worrying and start solving.  To limit my anxiety and stress, focus on solutions to problems.
  15. Study/Meditate/Pray - Attending my Meditation Plus class has been one of my greatest gifts in 2012 and I am excited to deepen my learning in 2013.
  16. Kiss and hug more and definitely hold hands.
  17. Work hard. 
  18. Laugh a lot.
Wishing everyone a great day one of 2013! 

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