Saturday, August 10, 2013

Meditation Brings New Perspective

In our weekly Torah study class, I learn to take lessons from the past and apply them to my own life.  These opportunities help me to live a fuller and richer life.  As an example, in today's meditation, I have two significant moments that allow me to shift my perspective.

First, while trying to quiet my mind, a person in my thoughts really wants my attention.   It is hard to stop him from intruding my mind, so instead, I visualize that I give him a slight push to sit down at the table to join the meditation.  The imagery allows me to move his energy aside for that moment.  I feel calmer and in control.  My mind and my breath make a significant shift.

Next, as I go deeper into meditation, I began to think about transitions.  We all have them, good or bad, joyous or sad.  The past few years, I experienced a number of personal and professional transitions, and in the sadder moments thought, "Why is this happening TO me?"  Today, I visualize one of the transitions happening and I am there watching it like a passing car or train.  I was able to separate myself from the transitions of life because they will continue to happen and I may or may not be on that train.

One last thought, even if the transition impacts my life, I am part of the flow, like a passenger on the train.  What I am not is the target or victim.  I can't control the transition or its timing AND I can control my behavior, my compassion, my understanding, and now embrace the situation with love. 

This is what I learned today.

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