Sunday, September 22, 2013

What Will You Do?

After meeting world champion Pro Surfer and reading his book, The Code, his voice and words lingered in my mind.  His resolution and drive seem so natural and his spirit and wisdom are wise yet playful.  It is no coincidence to me that he teaches us to speak with "I will..." because it is his will and determination that have helped shape so much of his life.

At his suggestion, I thought all week about my own code.  Shaun's codes offer life's lesson not just for surfing, but also for survival in the real world.  It is written for teens as an instruction guide to life's biggest lessons. I am encouraging my own daughter right now to read it.

Here is my code:
  1. I will be the best Lori I can be.
    • I can only be Lori. I was never good at being someone else.  However, I have a lot to learn from others and I make it a point to hang out with people I admire and want to incorporate some of the tools that help them live a fulfiling life.
  2. I will continue to challenge myself
    • I will take on new challenges and seek out opportunities to help me grow.
  3. I will pray
    • I want to pray actively.  I will learn prayers and understand their meaning.  
  4. I will meditate
    • I will commit to at least 10 minutes a day.  Over the past 20 months, I have already seen the benefits of meditating once a week.  Expanding my practice will allow me to manage my stress and anxiety.
  5. I will love
    • I will love more and show my family and friends that I care for them.
  6. I will respect your opinion
    • I love learning with others and sharing their ideas.  I don't have to agree and most times I learn best from those with differing opinions.  Respect nurtures our conversation and allows us to see each other's perspective.
  7. I will be your partner
    • I want to work with you.  Life is easier if we share the burden.
  8. I will cry with you.
    • If you need me, I will share your sorrow. 
  9. I will dream big
    • I want to do great things in this world.
  10. I will trust
    • In order to love, build, accomplish, I will trust that I am in the right place at the right time. 
  11. I will laugh
    • So much that happens in this world is funny and I need to take time for laughter - the loud, joyful and sweet laughter.
  12. I will write
    • I need to write.  I have learned so much about myself through my blog and I love the sense of accomplishment when I complete and publish another post.   
As we begin the Jewish New Year, I will print this out and hang it where I can see it everyday.  

What will you do?

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