Sunday, September 1, 2013

When the Dead Come to Visit

When my Dad passed away almost four years ago, I knew there would be times that I would miss him terribly.  With my daughter's bat mitzvah quickly approaching, I have thought several times how sad it is that he is not with us physically, though I know he will be with us in spirit.  While I still feel a pang when I notice he is missing in family photos, I now find comfort in thinking about what he would say or how he would react to something.  I enjoy sharing stories about him and when I see something he would like, I smile.  

This is my Dad and these feelings will come up for my entire life - happy, sad, missing him, comforted by him and wondering hat he is thinking.  Also, I never wonder why he is coming into my thoughts or visiting my dreams.

But last week, a friend who passed away seven years ago popped in my mind for a visit.  Why is it that I have such a strong connection to someone I knew for a short time.  Truth is I was so sorry when she passed away and wished her life hadn't been so difficult.  So why now, is there a message?  Should I be learning something from her visit?  As I sat in meditation yesterday, this friend again entered my thoughts.  This time I stopped worrying about why and was just glad to see her.

We are sad when family and friends leave us and hopefully we can all get to a place where visits from the dead are welcomed and we can find comfort.

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