Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Amazing Race – Best Show on Television

Have you ever seen “The Amazing Race?” It is my favorite show on television. Here are my top reasons for loving this show:

1. Partnership is one of the key elements to winning the million dollars.
2. At least once in each season the participants are faced with their greatest fears.
3. The Casting Director successfully chooses the coolest characters.
4. The tasks/challenges are varied and interesting (and I would love to be in the conversation in the production office to determine each task).
5. I love seeing a little bit of each country. The show does a great job of introducing some local culture.
6. I am always fascinated by the determination of some competitors and equally fascinated by the great sportsmanship of others.
7. Both joy and frustration have equal play in this game and the editors do an excellent job of balancing it out for the viewer.
8. Just when I think I know which team is going home, there is a turn in the game.
9. The personal stories of the competitors are moving and watching them each learn something new about themselves is always a great moment in television.
10. It is awesome to watch people living out their dream of traveling together, competing together and sharing this experience together.

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