Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gifts from the Heart

While studying this week with Rabbi Ruth Sohn and friends, we discussed how the Parasha T’rumah related to our lives. Here are a few ideas that struck me –

“You shall accept gifts for me from every person whose heart is so moved”

If you give a gift with love and thoughtful intention, it becomes worth more to the receiver and you. When choosing a gift for a friend, think about what your friend would want to have. What is your friend’s favorite author, restaurant or activity? The thought that you put into the gift will make it more valuable to your friend and more fulfilling to you.

“Take for me an offering – gold and silver and copper...”

The gold, silver and copper reference signifies the importance of the gifts. These metals are unique and special elements just like you. Everyone has special gifts to bring to any situation. When one volunteers, he/she brings his/her special skills to the organization. Can you help a kid read? Can you help paint a building? Can you help create a great fundraising event? These are all skills that help serve the community. When I am looking for volunteers to work on a specific project, I think about their special talents and expertise that will make this project successful.

Thank you to all my family and friends who share their unique gifts with me. This birthday has been the best in years because of all the love I received. Thank you to Rabbi Ruth Sohn and to all who meditated and studied with me. It made my birthday week unique and full of love.

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