Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Meeting Gloria Steinem

Today at an event for The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, I was lucky enough to hear Gloria Steinem speak to a room filled with 500 women. Gloria Steinem is 29 years older than me. As I listened, I was mesmerized by her voice - confident, calm, filled with humor, joy, and direct. Growing up, I read about her, watched stories about her, and understand that our lives have changed because of her. As she stood in front of me, she appeared as just one of us. I’m not sure what I was expecting – for her to glow, be taller, or be super intense waving a bra.

I am grateful to her and the women who stood beside her, walking with her to help me. She led the way. And the biggest lesson that I took away from today was to continue to teach equality to my daughter and son. I need to nurture their spirit so they grow up to be whatever they are going to be, to respect each other and to know that they both have a voice to fight injustice, promote equality, and to do good in this world.

Tonight on American Idol, Steven Tyler said, “We are all bozos on the bus until we find some way to express ourselves.” What I want for my children, I want for me – to be confident enough to use our voice and to help others do the same.

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