Monday, February 20, 2012

I Am A Mixed Bag

After being thoroughly disgusted watching "2 Broke Girls" tonight, I decided to nurture my soul by watching Debbie Ford's documentary, "The Shadow Effect." You must see it. It is a wonderful exploration of the dark and the light within us all. Debbie Ford beautifully shares the great wisdom of so many who eloquently speak of this in many of their presentations and writings. Here are some fantastic points that are worth sharing:

1. We are all mixed bags. In the course of my life's experiences, I have learned a great lesson of compassion and readily speak these 5 words whenever someone disappoints me. We are all human and can only bring our individual experiences to every situation.

2. When we are in pain, many of us choose to bury it. Even though it takes more energy to suppress pain than to actually feel it, we rather not feel the pain or discomfort, so we push it away. Which is why when finally decide to face our fears, you hear people say, "I feel like a weight was lifted," or "I have a great sense of relief."

3. Unfortunately, I have learned my greatest lessons from the pain of a life trauma. When my father died, I felt extraordinary emotions that no could have explained to me. Walking through this pain can strengthen our soul if that is what I want.

4. We like to beat ourselves up for all that we don't like about ourselves. Forgiving others is kind, forgiving yourself can be life changing.

The sum of my experiences is what defines me. And I define myself as a mixed bag. Find Debbie Ford's, "The Shadow Effect," I hope it nurtures your soul like it did mine.

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