Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fear Will Not Take Over

How do you process overwhelming tragedy in the world? This week when I heard about the Rabbi Sandler, his two children and the other child who were gunned down in Toulouse, France, I felt sick. I saw the pictures of the families and community grieving and I was transported.

My kids go to Jewish Day School. “What if?” I thought. I had 24 or more hours of terrifying thoughts about what if it happened here? Scary things happen in schools in America and it has nothing to do with religion. But this did. This hit me in the gut. I just kept thinking bad thoughts.

For the past two days, my heart has been breaking for the mothers of those children. I can’t imagine what it is must be like to send your child off to what you think is the safest place they will be all day, and within 20 minutes of them leaving your arms, some evil psychopath steals them from this world.

As I have said before, the word “sad” is just too tiny to express what I am feeling for these families. To these mothers, and all those who have lost children, my heart goes out to you.

And where is the world’s outrage? More people seem to be interested in George Clooney getting arrested or Snooki’s pregnancy than the evil senseless murder of 4 children. Is it because they are Jewish? Or because they live in France? I want to scream, “Children were murdered because they were Jewish, don’t you care?”

I’m scared. I admit it. I want to feel safe. I want to be okay, but I know that there are people who want Jews to die. I work in the Jewish community, live in the Jewish community and love being part of the Jewish community. I will not let fear take over. I will fight to make sure that I do everything I can so that the Jewish community sticks together to fight this evil.

I will work with my colleagues, Jews and non-Jews, my donors and community members, Jews and non-Jews so that we are safe to send our children out into the world without fear. Nurturing my children to walk this world with confidence with people of all religions, cultures and communities is my promise.

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