Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Big Book Is a Must Read

About 9 years ago, someone recommended that I read The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. I was going through a tough time and I thought I would give it a try. I heard the story of Bill Wilson and I knew he was pretty amazing.
And then I gave up. I decided that since I was not an alcoholic, the book was not for me. So I put it down and there it stayed for 7 years.

Then my dad died. I walked around numb for a few weeks maybe more. It is all a blur. Then one day, I found The Big Book on my shelf. I am not sure if I looked for it with purpose or if it appeared to me. Regardless, I decided that I will start reading it.

What I know now and I didn’t realize then, is that I was looking to read something about people who are also sad. I was unable to articulate my feelings so I found comfort in the words of others. The Big Book of AA is a compilation of incredible stories of despair, recovery and hope. I read the stories of real people who found themselves in sad, dark places and with action and time, they were able to heal. And if it worked for them, then maybe it would work for me too.

It took me only a few days to read the book and I cherished every word. The book helped me during the darkest time in my life.

Whether you are an alcoholic or going through a difficult time, this book can help you regain some hope.

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