Sunday, March 25, 2012

What's Your Reflection?

Tonight, my husband and I went to see “Just Imagine,” a wonderful show about John Lennon. In Lennon’s short time on earth, his music changed the world. Besides wondering what his music might be like today, I was mesmerized by the change in Lennon’s music throughout the years . Truly reflective of the times, his music told the story of our lives. It is easy to see how music and art reflect the passions and ills of our society, but what about the rest of us? Are our actions reflected in society or by society?

The Beatles changed our lives. They created music for our times and about our times. Their songs still resonate with us. And to me, John Lennon’s songs and messages for peace were not just meant for the world, it was something that he was personally searching for in his own life. Inner peace and World peace. To Love and Be Loved.

I believe that we do the same in our individual efforts whether we are teachers, doctors, trash collectors or waiters. So many of us are influenced by what we see, read and hear. And what about the influencers, who inspires them? I am inspired and influenced and I hope that with my writing and my voice I can inspire and influence others.

We may not be The Beatles, but we all are influenced by others and we definitely influence those around us. What messages do you take in and reflect back to others – love, anger, sadness, joy? Like you see in a mirror, your reflection is extremely close to the reality so know the message you want others to hear. While we can’t guarantee how others will respond, we must understand that every action makes an impact. So start looking at the effect you have on others, you might be surprised by your own reflection.

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