Saturday, March 3, 2012

People I Wish I Met - Part 1

I didn’t always play the game, “Which celebrities (dead or alive) would you like to have around your dinner table?” It popped into my mind today, so it became my blog for today. Here are just a few famous people I want at my dinner table.

George Washington - I have always wondered what life was like at the birth of the United States. As I become more interested in politics, I realize that It must have been an amazing and exciting time. Watching Israeli politics play out today, I often wonder what George Washington was thinking as he stood in the role of our 1st President.

Eleanor Roosevelt – When I was a young girl, I read the biography of Eleanor Roosevelt. What I found most interesting is that I admired her strength and felt sorry for her at the same time. In our modern time, we often speculate about what the Roosevelt marriage was like, how did they interact with each other and how did their public personas differ from their private ones. As a woman, I would love to ask her all the questions of what life for a woman was like then and is this the future that she envisioned.

Theodore Herzl – As a true visionary, I would love to hear in his own words what his hopes and dreams were for Israel and are we fulfilling his dream. If he was alive and was in the leadership, what would he say and do. This one I am most fascinated by as I continue to watch the daily politics of Israel.

George Eliot – Frankly, I am more knowledgeable about her personal life than her writings and it is just that reason I would like to meet her. Reading stories of her independence, creativity and shockingly open relationships simply draws me to wonder what it was really like. I wonder at what moment did she decide to use a male pen name and why the name George Eliot.

Rock Hudson – While revealing all our secrets should set us free, we all still carry around something that we don’t want to share with others. Being Rock Hudson must have been so painful especially out in public. To hear it in his own words would be an extraordinary experience. I also wonder what he thinks of how we live our lives now.

Gilda Radner – I began watching Saturday Night Live since I was a teenager and Gilda Radner was always a hero. She was one of those spectacularly funny women. She paved the way for the great female comics to come and I would love to hear some secrets of Saturday Night Live and how laughter helped her during the worst times in her life.

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