Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sad First, Fulfilled Now

Today, I watched the documentary “Love Hate Love” which is executive produced by Sean Penn. It tells the story of 3 victims of terror and how the survivors dealt in the aftermath. The film follows two families who lost members and one person who lost his legs in terrorist attacks. I was deeply moved by how the film followed these individuals showing their triumph over great sadness.

In the course of the past two years since my father passed away one of the things I have noticed is that it is not that we don’t share feelings or have empathy, it is that we all don’t have the same feeling at the same time. If we all had compassion at the same time, the world’s problems could be solved in one day. If we could even agree on solving one problem at a time, our society would look completely different.

Our society is so enamored with wealth and fame and we use the rich and famous to distract us from our problems. What if People magazine actually profiled people who were struggling and needed our help? What if Food Network profiled all the great programs that serve those who are hungry? Perhaps that would nurture a more compassionate society.

Maybe this is why I work in non-profit. I like working with a group of like-minded people who all want to make a difference in the lives of many. I love meeting others who have great ideas to help our society. It gives me great hope that together we can fix many of society's problems.

Do something today for someone else.

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