Monday, March 5, 2012

Tennis Is More Than Just A Game

Three months ago I began taking tennis lessons. I used to play every weekend over 15 years ago and in the past couple of years I have wanted to play again. This is one of those experiences that is even better than I expect...and I expected a lot. I play once week with a great group of people and I just signed up for two classes in the next session. And my teacher is French and frankly, the instructions sound better with a French accent. Here are a few other things I like about my tennis lessons:

• After a crazy day at work, it feels great to smack the tennis balls. If it was a particularly annoying day, I name each tennis ball before I smack it. I had a friend who told me that to relieve stress she went to the batting cage and did the same thing. I borrowed it and truly, it feels really good.

• I love that when I get to the courts, I see men and women, all ages, from beginners to experts. It is so refreshing to be where everyone just wants to be and have fun.

• Tennis has some great metaphors for life – first, when playing a game, each player begins with “love” which represents having no points, like beginning life without any experiences just love. Secondly, when you serve so that your opponent can’t return the ball that is called an Ace. As in life, when you serve others and get nothing in return, you get the most reward spiritually. This might be a stretch, but I still like analogies.

• Tennis is fun and social and can be played with anyone. I have as much fun playing with my kids as I do playing with adults. Okay, maybe I have more fun playing with my kids.

Taking tennis lessons was one of best decisions I made for myself and I hope to continue for a long time. See you on the courts.

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