Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tell your story…often and as it unfolds…

In the course of my work, I am fortunate to hear extraordinary stories of survival, triumph and fantastic journeys. I am blessed to know people who want a better life, not for themselves, but for those less fortunate. Ordinary people working hard to volunteer their time, create new programs that serve unanswered needs or help find funding for community services. While we all live in the busy and crazy days of our life, below are a few anonymous people who inspired me today.

A great couple - As the children of survivors, these two people are deeply committed to raising proud Jewish children, serving the community, and challenging others to do the same. They work respectfully with professionals sharing ideas and partnering to creative innovative projects for a new generation of philanthropists. Today, I was inspired by them because as we discussed a new project, their eyes sparkled, their banter was sweet and their commitment strong.

My colleagues – I am fortunate to work with individuals who don’t just come to work, they show up for the cause. As I watched them today move through an event, I realized how much meaning we bring to our work. When we listen to a donor share how the organization made a difference to them, we are proud parents. My colleagues and I share our joys and frustrations and are always looking for new ways to inspire our donors.

Friends – I am so lucky that through my daughter and her friends, I have found an incredible group of moms and dads. Through our kids, we share our parenting life. As we come across problems, we share ideas, solutions, and simply give each other support. This week was no different. I needed one of my friends and she was right there to help with answers, support and love.

There is inspiration all around us and even within us. When you need help, ask for it and when you see someone in need, tell them your story. It will do you both some good.

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