Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dinner With Friends

In our fast paced society, it is the moments with friends that take hold of me. Living in a city of great restaurants, fantastic sites, and celebrity sightings, the connections that I make with friends are truly what touches my heart and elevates my spirit. Reconnecting with old friends and making new friends helps turn a dull day into a special day. Here are some true stories that occurred at dinner parties that I have hosted.

Meditation Before Dinner – This year for my birthday, I wanted share my new passion with my friends. I invited some friends over for a special meditation and dinner. Our meditation leader chose a beautiful chant and thoughtful text for us to discuss immediately following the meditation. Afterwards, we all ate from a buffet dinner from a local restaurant. I kept the invitation list small to give my old and new friends the opportunity to meet each other.

Easiest Surprise Party – For my husband’s birthday last year, I invited our friends over for dinner. I told him that we were going out to dinner with our family. Instead, I had invited a few friends over for dinner. I ordered in and had it delivered to my neighbor (who is my brother and sister-in-law). Before the guests were to arrive, my daughter had some friends over. And just at the time the guests were actually arriving, I told my husband to go see our daughter in her room because the girls want to present a birthday skit. While he was distracted with the skit, our guests arrived, I set up the buffet dinner and when he came out of the room, he was surprised with a birthday party at home.

Shabbat Dinner – If you are ever lucky enough to get invited to a Shabbat Dinner with friends, don’t miss it. This is a dinner party with a spiritual glow. I have hosted and have been fortunate to be a guest. Discussions of life, love, spirituality and anything else carry on all through the night. Opportunities to learn, teach, get advice, give advice, and laugh deepen my connection to my friends. I have been part of some dinners that leave me crying from laughing so hard. Some of my favorite moments happen at Shabbat dinners.

Dinner parties can be easy. Invite friends, cook or order in, and if you want to add a theme, choose something that you love. Show off a hobby, invite a guest speaker, or simply gather your friends and let the fun begin.

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