Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pray... Right Now... Someone Needs You.

Pray. Right now. Take five minutes, less even and pray for someone you know. If you are uncomfortable with the word pray, then I suggest you simply think about some who is struggling. Many times we think of the strangers who are poverty stricken in another country, but right now, I am asking you to think about someone you know who is having a difficult time. This practice has helped me in the following ways:

Perspective – By taking a moment to offer a prayer for someone who is struggling, you step away from your own chaos. By thinking of another person, your heart and mind can reboot.

Reduce Anxiety – By offering prayers for another, you can stop thinking about your concerns and take a few deep breaths. This allows you to recognize that perhaps your problems are solvable.

Community – My favorite part of this practice is the immediate feeling that I am not alone. When offering a prayer to another, you are no longer alone. Whether they know it or not, the spirit or of the prayer connects you to the one in need.

And finally, there is simple joy in acting with love and kindness. Again, whether you share your prayer and thoughts or not, creating a moment in your day that is dedicated to someone else will refresh your spirit.

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