Monday, April 16, 2012

Vacation 101

Vacation is over, routine returns today. Bittersweet. Getting out of my routine is vital for my family and to reconnect, relax and refocus. With this vacation, our family strived to have no plans and be spontaneous. We rarely looked at a clock and my husband had to remind me to stay away from my emails. Here is what I learned from this experience:

Research – After we decided where we were going, we researched local family activities on Groupon, Living Social and other discount websites. We purchased several coupons that saved us some money, but we only selected activities that were open and had no time constraints.

Local restaurants – One of my favorite things is to find out what restaurants the locals recommend. If you ask the concierge, their first answer is usually restaurants in their hotel or other top tier spots. Ask them where they eat. We have had some fantastic dining experiences at the suggestion of those who live there.

Do Something You Love – Even in a new location, we want to feel comfortable. We chose activities that we knew we would have fun.
Do Something New – Visit somewhere unique to the city and new to you. It is a great feeling to do something different and out of your comfort zone. Every city has their own culture, enjoy it.

Looking forward to getting back to my routine and planning our next vacation.

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