Friday, May 18, 2012

On the Bridge

A couple stands on a bridge looking out onto the still lake. The next phase of their life is about to begin; they are getting married. We all have moments on the bridge. What will happen next? From the very beginning of our lives, we are trying to cross that bridge – graduating from school, dating to marriage, raising children, watching them grow up and be on their own. Recently, I have felt that I am on the bridge, not sure what is on the other side. This year, before I turn 50, I want to remain still and enjoy the view. We are always rushing to cross, never seeing all that is around us. While the image works perfectly for the big events of our lives, it is the more subtle and quiet moments of our life that we also find ourselves in that spot – sometimes the view is cloudy and sometimes it is clear for miles.

First day of work – Remember that feeling when you walked into your new job and all the anxiety of the interview and negotiation process was behind you. You have a confidence that you are in one place for a while and now you can allow yourself to feel safe –your moment on the bridge.

Dinner with friends – Ever look around the table and realize you are blessed with those around you. That is your moment on the bridge.

Losing yourself in a great book – Ever get so deeply involved in book that you can actually see yourself walking among the characters, smelling their food, and crying with them. Moment on the bridge.

Your kid becomes independent – This is really different for everyone. For me, this one hit me hard just this week. I allowed my daughter to take a walk with her friend without me. I wasn’t a nervous wreck while they were gone, but I was noticeably calmer when they came back. But her excitement and confidence hit me in my core. Times are different, she had my phone with her, but I immediately reminisced about how my friend and I used to walk to the movies every weekend. That was one of the highlights of our friendship, two girls just taking a walk and talking about whatever. Definitely a moment on the bridge, the view was a little cloudy, but the sun came through.

Watching a friend’s family suffer – When you are watching another family deal with great sadness, it is sometimes difficult to know your place. Standing by as others struggle, die, or survive, can also impact you in the quiet of your life. When it is not happening to your family directly, this allows you to rethink some things in your life giving you a moment on the bridge.

Wherever you are in your life right now, take a deep breath and know that this too is a moment on the bridge.

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