Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Need Answers...Me too!

Everyday there are messges from the universe that can help us make decisions or simply give us comfort when we need.  The hardest part is how to recognize these messages and then interpret them.  All the questions come to you like a fast train - Where am I supposed to be?  What path should I travel?  When is the right time?  Who is the right partner on this project?  Stop...STop...STOp...STOP!   Somedays I feel like I am in my own episode of "Celebrity Apprentice" and I'm not sure who is the project manager.  So here are some ways that I process these questions.

  • Talk to new people who can give me a different perspective.  Step out of my regular circle to get new ideas, to widen my network and to allow myself to hear new voices.
  • Research as many ideas as I can - however crazy it sounds.  Meet with people who can help me learn about the idea and can help grow it.  I may not like all the information and feedback I get, but if I am listening carefully, all information is useful.
  • Listen carefully to all the messages that come to me, however they come to me.  I might read something or be watching television, I listen as if I have bionic ears. There are times that I am sitting in a meeting and my colleague says something that inspires me.  LISTEN!
  • Write down all that I want from my next project.  What will make it more satisfying than my current project and what aspects of this current project would I like to keep.
  • Go out.  Go somewhere new.  Go play tennis (my preference - see earlier posts).  Go see the museum exhibit that my friends mentioned.  Let my mind have a new experience.
  • Answer only the easy questions.  The universe will help you answer the others.

 Answers will come.  And this is when listening is really important because while we all look for the answers in the big moment of our lives, sometimes it is the more subtle and quiet moments that help shape our lives.  Enjoy the precious and serene moments, it is usually where the answers are.

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