Sunday, May 6, 2012

Passage of Time

What marks the passage of time for you? Mostly it is the big life-cycle events –births, graduations, weddings and deaths. In the past few weeks, I have witnessed more subtle moments. And when these moments happen it is as though my body reacts before my head and I find that I am overcome with emotion.

A Child’s Laugh – In the past few months I noticed that my son’s sense of humor has changed. Now six, he knows what to do to make you laugh using language. Before he might make funny faces or speak in silly voices, but now he can quickly make a joke within a conversation. And if he simply says something that my husband and I find amusing and he doesn’t understand why we are laughing, he is quick to ask, “Why are you laughing?”

A Child’s Confidence – My daughter, now 11, has fallen in love with books in the last month. She and her friends have all read “The Help” and the entire series of “The Hunger Games.” If feels as though it happened overnight. Six months ago, my husband and I were begging her to read; we would ask her to read just a few minutes every night. I was a big reader as a kid and I wanted to pass on my love of reading. And when she couldn’t sleep one night, she began reading “The Help.” And she doesn’t just read it, she cherishes every page, falls in love with the characters and stops to tell me what is happening in the story.

Success Recognized – Someone with whom I have worked for many years was honored last week. Sixteen years ago, our professional partnership began. Before the event began, we reminisced about our first year working together and I reflected that I had always dreamt of this day. What struck me about the evening was not the huge success of the dinner, but how clear my memories were about that first year. I could not believe how quickly time has passed.

Take time to notice these smaller moments in your life. With children, the flashes can come fast and furious. With our family and friends, an instant can remind of us to stay close. Life is a journey of moments. Pay attention and hold onto as many as you can.

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