Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fill It With Love and Imagination

We are both speaking English and still not understanding one another.  I repeat myself again and then again.  The person I am speaking with also repeats and we go around in circles trying to make our points understood.  One of us gets louder, the other starts to walk away and we repeat this dance a few times as well.

This is a scene out of my life.  And so I don't think I'm crazy, I'm hoping this is a scene out of your life as well.

But then I come home and I'm lucky enough to get spend a time with my family.  And the conversation changes to one fillled with imagination as I put my son to sleep.  At six, he is sweet, full of love and has a deep connection of G-d.  This was our moment tonight:

Me - Good night , see you in the morning.
E - come snuggle with me.
Me - Two minutes, you have to go to sleep, you got up early today.
E - Early?  Are you mad or proud?
Me - I am always proud of you.
E - Even on Thursday?
Me - Every day.   I am the luckiest mom.
E - I am the luckiest son!  I love you as much as G-d.
Me - Wow!  As much as G-d.  That is a lot.
E - He is like my third parent.  Well, he is like... I don't want to say.  
Me - What is it?
E - I don't want to say because they are not there.   
Me - You mean your grandfathers. (His grandfathers have passed away)
E - Yes.  G-d is like my grandfathers because he is old.
Me - Well, maybe you can imagine that your grandfathers are with G-d.
E - Okay.
Me - Okay, now time for bed.

E and I both spoke English with a whole lot of love and G-d mixed in.  I am grateful for my faith and values that allow me to appreciate the joy and grace of this conversation with my son.  

Hope your day is filled with conversations filled with love and imagination.