Saturday, July 27, 2013

Because is a Bridge

In meditation today, part of our conversation was on the word "Because."  I've always loved the written word and how through words you can move people to any emotion.  And then today, as we discussed the word, I began to visualize the word as BECAUSE. Big and important.  Today, I had a new  understanding of its importance.

You take action - why?
You want someone to take action - why?


"Because" gives your action purpose, intention, and deeper connection.

I read with my kids because I want them to learn to love reading too.
I told my friend the truth because she was hurting and I knew it would help.
I asked for help because I knew I couldn't do it alone.

Now the true exercise of using this word is to make sure the words following "because" give your listener your sincere intent, clarity and desire and not just a rationalization that masks the truth. Try it.  When thinking about the why of your life, give deeper thought to the word because and the words that follow.

I think BECAUSE could be my new favorite word.

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