Friday, July 26, 2013

The Importance of Welcoming

Inspired by Craig Taubman's "The Art of Welcoming" theme for the month of Elul, it made me think about how we welcome situations into our life.   So much is written about "letting go," "declutter your life" and "say goodbye to (fill in the blank).  And of course, much has also been written about "embrace your life," "seize the moment," and "reach for the stars."

But how can welcoming issues in your life allow you to process, analyze and create better solutions?  A longtime ago, someone gave me the following great advice, "It takes 3 seconds more to press down or push away a feeling than actually feeling it.  Because what is the alternative, we hold it in until we explode which happens to me.  I'm upset about a situation and rather than dealing with it, I'm still upset, so it gets redirected toward somewhere or to someone else.

New solution - welcome these issues as opportunities for growth.  And I mean welcome them.  It is not easy.  Years ago, while going through a painful time, a spiritual leader told me that I would be grateful for this experience.  I said, "No way.  I'll get through it, but I'll never be grateful for it."  He turned out to be right because my life took a pivotal change after that.  It took time for me to be grateful, but over the years I learned to see this moment and subsequent painful times as the moments where spiritual and emotional growth happen.

Welcome the experience.  It will be sad, painful and challenging.
Welcome the help you need to get through the situation.
Welcome the growth that will come from working through this difficult time.
Welcome the time it takes to heal.
And welcome the stronger person you will be when the sad time has passed.

Shabbat Shalom.

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