Saturday, July 20, 2013

Meditation - My Spiritual Workout

In our meditation today, our conversation (like it often does) goes in many different directions.  We speak about our experiences as children, parents, friends and colleagues.  This morning, a friend put it perfectly after I said that being kind to ourselves is a muscle that we need to work and she said, "and this is our gym."

The benefits of meditation are real, but my friend was addressing the power of our group and the comfort and support we find in a small conference room made holy once we step through the door.  A conference room to some is a sanctuary to us.

Following our meditation, we use the weekly parsha to interpret and guide our lives.  Even though we have similar conversations week after week, I am always surprised and refreshed by a new interpretation or new connection to our lives.

I have been a part of this group now for 19 months and walking into synagogue every (almost) Saturday has made a huge impact on me.  I'm not sure if it is the beginning or the end of my week, and actually, it doesn't really matter.  What I learn and experience, I bring from one week and take with me into the next week.

I am grateful for this time in my week and my spiritual workout!

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