Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Extra in the Ordinary

I'm a working mother, always have been and hopefully always will be.  This week, in order to get my daughter ready for camp, I took three days off from work.  Typically, after a four day weekend, I am rushing to get back to my professional world filled with routine and adult conversation.  Today is day five and there is no panic or rush to get back to work.  

I planned to stay home so I can get my daughter ready for her month away at camp.  We didn't do anything special.  In fact it feels more like an extended weekend of errands to (fill in the store's name) to get her last minute camp supplies.  Spending ordinary time with her gave me an opportunity to  finish more than one conversation.  And while it wasn't all roses, our conversations were interesting highlighted by topics of G-d, drug abuse, and even some disagreements about our new favorite music.  She is preparing for her bat-mitzvah and I am amazed at her dedication, knowledge and her creativity. 

As for my son, our time was spent in our moments before and after camp.  Walking him to and from camp gave us some of our own time and allowed his seven year old free thinking mind to just let go.  He shared his love for Legos, Star Wars and one night, asked his father and me to tell him how we met. 

My husband and I even snuck in a date to the movies.  We love to go to the movies and at least for a couple of hours, we hold hands and share a few laughs.

I am grateful for my life.  It is ordinary, boring and at the same time, I find moments of excitement, joy, deep love, and sparks of great connection with those I love.

Tomorrow, I will happily return to my office knowing that I just had one of the best vacations.

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