Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lessons from Meditation - Actions and Words Go Hand in Hand

In meditation today, my friend led a beautiful meditation and reminded us that as we think about the past and the future, try to be right here, right now.  (Always a good reminder).  She also asked us to be kind to ourselves and while this seems obvious, it touched so many of us deeply.  Why must we be reminded to be kind to ourselves; Isn't the most common reminder, "Be kind to others?"

Following meditation, we discussed the commentary of the Torah portion, Dvarim.  We shared our thoughts on leadership, retelling stories for learning, legacy and ceremony.  We discussed the humanity of Moses, the journey's end and though participants in the room had read the story year after year, we still shared the sadness about how Moses can't enter the promised land.

One conversation that struck me most was how our experiences form our opinion and perspective, and therefore, as years pass, we retell our stories with a bit more distance, forgiveness and even some romance.  

Think about a story that you tell to someone you want to know your essence.  Do you tell it the same way every time?  Do you remember new details when you tell it again?  Do you leave out details to make sure this listener hears what you want?

At one point during the discussion, my hands came together and linked.  It occurred to me that I was physically mirroring my feelings that were evoked - if I could marry my actions (my right hand) and my words (my left hand), then I would be satisfied that I was acting with a compassionate, thoughtful and mindful heart.  It is not always easy as I often hear myself frustrated and yelling more than I would like.

Walking in truth (whether I like it or not) is still more fulfilling and healthy than lying to myself.  This week, I will continue to carry these lessons with me - breathe, hold words and actions together and be kind to myself.

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