Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blessing For Our Daughter

One of the gifts our shul gave us was the opportunity to bless our daughter.  Gone is the speech about the baby steps, the funny personality and the parents up all night but it was worth it.   Instead, the Rabbis instituted something new - a blessing that offers something of love, hope and real.  The words we spoke to Maddy that day on the bimah are words we have said to her before.

Here is the blessing that we read to our daughter on the day of her bat mitzvah.  Reading it again today, I have not and will not change a word.

For Maddy,

May your voice always be strong and compassionate.
May you find joy and comfort in your friendships.
May you understand your sadness and not fear it.
May you feel loved every day. 
May you find trust in those who want the best for you and most importantly, in yourself.
And may you use your strength, kindness, intelligence and humor to 
show the world who you really are.

I am glad that Rabbis asked for this instead of a speech,  It felt right and good.  I hope Maddy reads this years from an appreciates our truth and love.

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