Saturday, October 26, 2013

Love - Be Kind - Heal - Find Peace

In meditation today, while trying to push away an annoying thought that kept finding its way into my mind, I remembered some wise advice that I was once given - If you can't or are not ready make a decision, then don't.  You will either find the answer for your decision or the universe will provide it for you.  As I found my way back to focused breathing, these words came to mind:

Love yourself and others (so you can)
Be kind to yourself and others (so you can)
Heal yourself and others (so you can)
Find peace within yourself and others.

There is no way that I can live with this mantra in every moment, but I can try.  This doesn't have to be how I act at home, or at work, or at shul.  It should simply be how I act.

It is not easy.  Life, people, traffic, responsibilities, real problems, made up problems and then everything else that gets in the way.

So I decided to use my computer and Iphone for good.  I set an alarm on my phone to remind me to "pause for love" everyday.  I don't always hear the phone when the alarm sounds, but when I get back to my phone, I see the reminder on my phone.  On my computer, I will begin to use the sticky note app to post the mantras for the week so that I can take a moment to stop the spinning going on in my head and allow some peace to take over.

Meditation has helped me in more ways than I expected.  Breathing well helps me focus, produce, accomplish, love, and heal.  It also helps me prepare for what I know is to come.

Take a deep breath, love, be kind, heal and find peace.

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