Sunday, January 26, 2014

Chasing Sunsets

Tonight, on my way to an event, I was lucky enough to be driving at the time of a beautiful sunset.  For most of the drive west, I found myself chasing the sunset.  I took several deep breaths to take it all in.

I began to think how chasing a sunset is impossible.  And yet that is exactly what I was doing.  I got the sunset to last a little longer.  I smiled as I felt I was winning.

But really so many things we strive for can feel like the impossible and yet we keep chasing the sunset.

Well I say, "Good for us."  Hope is the greatest feeling.  As a parent, loving and teaching my children and watching them develop into great young people gives me hope.  Working with my peers and colleagues to create a better community gives me hope.  Sharing my life with my husband and friends gives me hope.

Hope is healing.  It sparks goodness, faith and connection.

I will continue to chase sunsets and I hope you do the same.

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