Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lessons from Meditation - 2x Adar, 2x Happiness

Today, I was asked to lead meditation.  It wasn't the first time so at least, I was mentally prepared.  I hadn't read anything for the week so I was intellectually unprepared.  But in the lessons of the week, I found my talking points.  Beautiful texts about the month of Adar and of Terumah, the building of the Mishkan.

What I learned most today - this incredible group of women who show up every week are a mishkan for me, my temple, my holy space, my peace of mind.  Over the past two years, this group at Temple Beth Am has become my shul, my sanctuary, my Shabbat.  The women around the table helped guide the conversation, shared their experiences and their learning which again made the morning holy.  And right now I sit in a space of happiness because I didn't do it alone.  This morning reminded me that I am surrounded by love, support, friendship and community.  My heart is full and joyful.  

Words on a page are black and white.  With my meditation group this morning, these words danced in the room and brought happiness as the month commands.  Below are the texts we used this morning.  I hope you find as much joy and meaning as we did.

And to end our session, I shared this - Rabbi Karen Kriger Brogard - The Essence of Adar

Thank you to all of the Rabbis for their inspiration and to Rabbi Arielle Hanien for always bringing light to my life.  

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