Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Great People Leading the Way - Using Celebrity Status for Good

So many great women are taking the lead on issues that really speak to me.  Perhaps it is because I am the mother of a girl and a boy and I have tried to treat that as equally as their individual personalities will let me.  Perhaps it is because all my life, I was given the same subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) messages as I was becoming successful.  Here are just a few of my heroes right now:
  • Sheryl Sandberg, LeanIn.org and the Girl Scouts for their partnership of #BanBossy campaign 
    • Check out this new website and campaign that addresses the impact of "bossy" on young girls.  One of the best I have seen.   We all need to be a part of it.  Mothers and fathers of both girls and boys need to teach their child to lead fairly, with kindness and with strength. That can happen whether you are woman or a man.
    • #BanBossy: Parent Tips
  • Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner 
    • In August, both actresses/mothers addressed the California State Assembly Judiciary Committee on Public Safety in an effort to criminalize the taking of unauthorized photos of children.  
  • Kristin Bell along with her husband Dax Shepherd
    • Kristin Bell has recently been speaking out against paparazzi taking her daughter'sphotograph and promoting a "No Kids Policy."  They are asking media outlets to stop purchasing photos of children without parents consent.  Seems reasonable since that is the case in many other areas of children's rights.  
To be honest, I have stopped purchasing and reading any celebrity rag that calls itself a magazine.  For my own self esteem and for the emotional intelligence of my children, I banned those magazines from the house a long time ago.  My daughter asked years ago to buy some teen magazines, I think I let her get 2 or 3, and then they too were banned from the house.  I believe that this statement by Ms. Bell and Mr. Shephard will make an even greater impact on our society then they even expect.  And I for one am behind them.  
Let values continue to lead their individuals, not money or fame.  Congratulations to all who use their voice for good.

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