Sunday, March 9, 2014

Striving to be Whole

In shul this morning, I was reminded a couple of times of how important it is be whole.  Experts tell us to make lists to get organized.  Others suggest we break down the big projects into tasks.  And still others suggest complete one project before taking on another.

Today, Rabbi Ilana Grinblatt spoke of the beauty of integrating the different aspects of our life.  As I face some serious issues in my life, this seems like a great way to solve a few of the problems.  I'll have to keep you posted to let you know if it works.

Intergrate passion with problems - it helps imagine solutions, marry light and dark, find the balance in your life, and embrace the challenges.  Walking through the tunnels of trauma and sadness allows you to see who you are and even forces you to become the person you want to be.   Difficult days, weeks, months can overwhelm you.  Finding ways to stay in solution with your family and friends by your side makes the journey bearable.

In Meditation today, we talked about humility.  This is truly one of the hardest virtues to maintain.  As I sit in the comfort of my home, watching television, writing on my laptop, I often forget how lucky I am.  Even with these luxuries, I envy what my friends have, I wish for an easier way, and I want to solve all my problems.  And then, I realize how grateful I am as I see more homeless around the neighborhood, more statistics about poverty and hear stories about so many people who are truly suffering from serious illnesses.

We are all warped by our own experiences, shaped by the beautiful and hard moments.   When our life's path goes from the straight and narrow to the winding road, holding onto hope helps us walk through it.

I'm grateful for all the lessons today and will work hard to integrate the light and dark of my life.

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