Friday, February 17, 2012

My Birthday Resolutions for Tomorrow

Tomorrow is my 49th birthday! Here are a few presents I will give to myself.

1. Meditation - I began meditating a couple months ago and I really enjoy this opportunity to learn something new. The class I take is half meditation and half Torah study. After the first 30 minutes of class, the discussion that takes place is very thoughtful and serious.

2. Tennis – I didn’t realize how much I missed playing tennis. After almost 20 years, I began taking lessons and now I want to keep playing. Tennis is social, competitive and physical. It gives me an opportunity to meet new people with whom I must engage; it allows my natural competitive nature to come out in an appropriate venue; and it gives me a great work out.

3. Cooking – This is one area that I am shocked by how easy it is to learn. If you take the time to really understand the basics, then other recipes seem less intimidating. With all the cooking shows that are available, it is fun to watch someone else cook and then try it at home. I have taken a couple of cooking classes and hope to do more of that in the coming year.

4. Travel – This will solve two issues for me – First, I want to travel more. Second, in order to travel more, I have to plan which is another exercise I need to do (I tend to be more spontaneous which is not great if I want to travel).

5. Writing – In the short period that I have been writing again, I love it. Sitting at the computer writing gives me the best “I’m in the right place at the right time” feeling that I have had in a long time.

6. Balance – If I can shed any light on this one, I would, but frankly I feel like my life is an on-going teeter-totter of “I need to figure this out” and “Just be in the moment.” We should analyze but not too much, we should consider our options but go with our gut. It is very confusing. So I probably have to balance both – sometimes I will have to look at the multiple opportunities that are presented and other times I just have to grab hold.

7. Laugh a lot! I want my year filled with humor – continuous laughter brought on by Saturday Night Live, Impractical Jokers and everyday life. I want to embrace the laugh that comes from the belly that I had been afraid of for some time because it led to crying. Now I say bring it on. I want to laugh until I cry!

Happy Birthday to me!

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