Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Think Big!

In recent meetings, I noticed that I alone have a tendency to think big. Usually, my hopes and dreams for a project exceed those of others in the room. I also began to realize that the intensity of my big visions is equal to the frustration I feel when the others in the room don’t share my enthusiasm. So for the dreamers out there, here are a few tips to keep your emotions in check and help you continue to dream big.

• Your ideas are great even if some people don’t quite support them.

• When you have a big idea, write it down and send it to someone. Maybe together, you can make it happen.

• When you feel frustrated, go for a walk, put on some music, cook your favorite food, or go play tennis (I have found tennis to be especially satisfying because you get to smack the ball).

• Find others who dream big.

• There will always be people who want the idea to be their own. Sometimes they will be very critical of your vision until they come up with something similar and call it their own. Be patient with them, they are often insecure and have difficulty promoting the work of others.

• Keep dreaming.

• Teach others to think big, dream in color, be creative and work together.
Work is work – you bring the energy, the enthusiasm and the joy that makes work fun and exciting.

Wishing you a great day at work.

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