Thursday, March 15, 2012

Great Words

I have always loved words and this week I found myself listening very carefully to people speaking around me. Throughout the week, I noticed how people used words to express different tones, their unique accents, and their diverse emotions. I am always fascinated how two people say the same word and it conjures up completely different feelings in me. Here are some of my favorites and others that made me to take notice.

Pioneer – In my work, I meet incredible people doing amazing work. This week was no different. Dany Gliksberg, one of the founders of Ayalim, a community in the Negev was here speaking to various donors in Los Angeles. To me, pioneer is such an old fashioned word that brings up visions of the old west or medical breakthroughs like polio and chicken pox vaccinations. However, after hearing him and one of his community members speak, I felt their passion and commitment. I understood their desire to create a new future and now pioneer has had a rebirth in my vocabulary.

Content – I am referring to content with the accent on “tent,” not “con.” We use a lot of words to express some variety of joy – for instance, happiness, gratitude, glad, and content. What I like about content is that it means to me that you are fully satisfied - and there is less pressure than saying, “I’m so happy” or “I’m so grateful for…”

Solution – People in my office know that I like to solve problems. I feel productive when I can come up with a solution. And I like to say the word, “solution.” I think it is the “u” sound.
Fantastic – Like pioneer, this word seems like it is from another time. However, I love it. When you want to express great joy, try to use this word. Mostly because you really don’t hear people use it that often so when you do, people now know that you mean business.

Voice – This word has made an enormous impact on me. How do you use your voice? When do you use your voice? Use your voice! Most importantly, we all need to learn to use your voice with kindness, compassion, love and respect.

Words are beautiful and I love to hear how people use them. Be careful because words can also be harmful and sometimes without thought, people get hurt. Be thoughtful, someone is listening.

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