Sunday, December 23, 2012

You be You and I’ll be Me.

So much of our society is built on advertisers promoting products that will make us better, thinner, happier, faster, richer, sexier and smarter. Most of these products simply leave us with less money.  Advertisers do not care about our mental health or emotional well-being, they want us to be lost and in need of their products.

NO MORE!  I will no longer compare myself to anyone.  My life is mine and it is great.  And when times are tough, they are my struggles and my family and friends have been there to help. 

In the past, I would write resolutions that were about doing more and being better, but they never focused on creating quality moments.  Now, when I write, it is from my heart and soul.  When I read, I make my choices based on what I want to learn, not what the media think I should be reading.   Now my resolutions are tasks that I can accomplish, and making time for friends that I don’t get to see, helping my family to achieve their goals, and celebrating as often as possible.

The most important resolution is to continue being me.   Happy 2013!

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