Tuesday, January 22, 2013

One Book, New View

Six months ago, a friend recommended a book that changed my perspective and gave me a new confidence that would greatly impact all aspects of my life.  After I shared some typical frustrations that we all have, this friend recommended StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath.  These were his instructions, “Buy the book – it is under $15.00, do the test online, and read the results.”  Easy enough. 

Bought the book that day, did the test that night and got the results within a minute.  I wasn’t too surprised when the results used these words to describe me - Communication, Connectedness, Learner, Maximizer and Arranger.  For those who know me, you might not be surprised by these descriptive words, but it was the way the information was presented that allowed me to hear it and understand it.  What I noticed immediately was the voice inside me that began to repeat, “Yes, that is me.  Yes, that is me.” 

I was excited to have a review of my strengths.  So many of us spend our time focused on what we lack, how we fail and those great mistakes that we believe everyone is measuring.  Advertisers market their products based on our insecurities, “You need this, you can’t live without that, this product will change your life, you can be better.” 

My heart and soul wasn’t in balance.  I was so busy worrying about what I was doing wrong and not giving myself credit for all that I do right.  Now I am balanced.  I am able to see my strengths with joy and gratitude and have clarity to work on those areas where I want to gain some confidence.  There is no inner voice louder than it should be and I am able to work more honestly with my family, friends and colleagues around me.

So what made me think of this today?  I had tea with this friend and said, “Thank you.”  I am grateful for such a simple instruction that gave me a new perspective and now six months later, I see that this new view is one I really like. 

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