Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Speak Up and Say Something Nice

In the past few days, I have noticed how often people choose to criticize rather than promote.  Among family, friends and professionals, optimism takes a backseat to cynicism.  As an optimist, solution finder, and high energy laugh out loud spirit, I am saddened when I feel alone as I raise up against those  who want to disagree all the time.

At a recent lunch, I asked someone to advocate in an upcoming meeting.  He didn't think it was necessary because it goes without saying how much he supports this issue.  It was at that moment that I realized that those who stay silent think we all know what they are thinking.

Please, SPEAK UP!

We don't know what your are thinking.  For years, I have encouraged people to thank, express gratitude and offer positive feedback so that people know how they have impacted you.  There is no greater gift to another than sharing with them how much a moment with them touched your life.

Rabbi Kerry Olitzky's books have helped me during some of the darker times in my life.  Here is today's excerpt.

March 13 - The Wisdom of Silence: Silence is a fence for wisdom. PIRKEI AVOT 3:13
We usually think about fences as protective devices. They protect what is inside them from whatever or whoever is outside. But fences work in two ways. They prevent what is inside from getting outside. In some cases, one fence is not enough. In prisons, for example, one fence prevents prisoners from reaching the second fence. The Rabbis of Pirkei Avot are constructing yet another kind of fence-a fence of silence. This fence may prevent wisdom from escaping. It is also suggesting that too many words can have a deleterious effect on wisdom. If wisdom is gained through reflecting on our experiences, then we have to be quiet enough to listen to what the experience is teaching us.

If wisdom is gained through reflecting on our experiences, then we have to be quiet enough to listen to what the experience is teaching us. Then after we realize what we have learned, we can offer a blessing of thanks to our teacher, whoever that may be, and to God for giving us the ability to discern it.

Kerry M. Olitzky. Life's Daily Blessings: Inspiring Reflections on Gratitude and Joy for Every Day, Based on Jewish Wisdom (Kindle Location 653). Kindle Edition.

As I have struggled these past few days with having so much on my plate and worrying about how I will get it all done, my family, friends and colleagues have shown extraordinary kindness and have reached out to comfort me.  I recognize that as true love and friendship.  And while I sit and deal with my every day anxieties, I know that there are so many who are in far greater pain than I and that I never forget.

Thank you for reading my blog, sharing your thoughts with me and showing me kindness when I need it most.  As with the last post, I feel better already.

Sweet dreams...

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