Saturday, June 29, 2013

Re-Active or Pro-Active: Chaos or Solution

Several times this week, I wondered if I was reacting (without being thoughtful) or if I was being pro-active.  While I remain committed to "being in solution," I am human and can't help but sometimes react poorly to a situation.  

To diminish the chaos in my life and more importantly in my head, here are some tools I use to be pro-active:
  • Meditate - finding time once a week to meditate with my group and to study has helped clear my mind so that I can process situations better.  Also, I know have found a group at work so that we can clear our minds for 10-20 minutes each week.
  • Take a walk - It may sound silly, picture this: I receive an email that is very upsetting and I start typing my response with such anger in my fingers that I feel like a cartoon character pounding at the keys.  When this happens, I delete the response, stand up and walk away from my computer.  Depending on how upset I am, I either walk into a colleague's office or take a walk down the street.  Fresh air gives me clarity that I can't get looking directly at the computer.
  • Count to 10 - I admit that I am often short tempered with my kids.  After a full day of work, and repeating requests for them to do simple tasks around the house can really drive me crazy.  So when I hear myself getting louder than I want and engaging in the chaos, I count to 10, walk around my house to another room, catch my breath and return to start the conversation again.
These tools help me at home, with my family, my colleagues and even when doing business with strangers.  And like working a muscle, the more I focus on being pro-active, I then feel stronger, calmer, more productive and better at making decisions for the greater good.

Have a good weekend and hope you are pro-active!

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